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    12-13-12 A smile can build your business

    I was on a trip recently and flipped on the TV set in my motel room to the local public television station and watched 30 minutes’ worth of a Shawn Achor presentation on happiness.  I had previously seen a Ted Talk by him that really impressed me.

    Shawn Achor is the CEO of Good Think Inc., where he researches and teaches about positive psychology.

    One of the concepts he presented is how a smile is contagious (I think I remember being told this when I was a child).  Turns out that when you smile, it actually creates changes in your brain (all positive).  When you smile at someone else, whether they smile back at your or not, their brain replicates the same responses your brain is having (so-called “mirror neurons”).

    If your business involves face-to-face meetings with your customers, make sure that a smile automatically greets everyone with whom you cross paths.  Actually, this is a great practice for everyone that you see, whether they’re customers or not.

    Just ask yourself: Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone whose presence makes you feel good?


    12-6-12 Collaboration can be creative and fun, as well as productive

    I’ve written previously about businesses that collaborate with other businesses to benefit everyone.

    And, I did a Blog several months ago about how Dr. Craig Weiner was using his Chiropractic Zone office to display the works of local artists (4-5-12 Collaboration is a great tool for building business )

    Well, Dr. Craig has provided me with more ideas for my Blog by creating a special name for the walls in his office that provide gallery space for local artists.  You can visit The Chiropractic Zone for an adjustment and, at the same time, you can tour “Galeria Chiropractica” to see the current exhibit.

    So, if you are planning to collaborate with another business, have some fun and see if you can come up with some witty ways to bring more customers to your site.

    The Chiropractic Zone is also featured in Whidbey Island Life Examiner :Galleria Chiropractica features ChromoAlchemy by photographer Kim Tinuviel


    11-29-12 Promote what’s different about your product or business

    I just returned from visiting family in California.  One of the families has an organic farm in Mendocino County where, among other things, they are growing wonderful, flavorful tiny applies.  Another member of the family has been developing a special hard apple cider using these apples. 

    When I talked with the apple cider maker, he expressed some concern about being able to market his product: “The way I make the cider it has some cloudiness to it which makes it look different from traditional hard ciders.”  He added, “The cloudy sediments give it the rich flavor, just like many of the cloudy wines you see in Europe.” I asked him how his cider tastes, and he quickly answered, “It’s really delicious; everyone who has tasted it has commented on the depth of the flavor.” 

    He asked me for some ideas about marketing the cider.  I told him to promote the cloudy look and explain that it has a much more delicious flavor than other ciders on the market.

    I’ve written before about marketing what is special or unique about your product or your business.  I believe this is the most important concept every business person needs to embrace.

    Don’t feel your product or service has to be like everyone else’s.  Your marketing can educate people about why what you do is special.


    11-22-12 Happy Thanksgiving

    I'm hoping that most of the people who read my blog are taking a few days off to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend with their families.

    That's what I'm doing.

    I'll be back next week to share my marketing ideas.

    If you have a subject or question about marketing, please send it to me!


    11-15-12 How to have a meeting that produces results

    I’ll be facilitating a meeting this weekend and the meeting has a very specific purpose: to identify ideas that have the greatest level of consensus, and to feed these ideas back to a national organization.

    I know that many of the people coming will have strong opinions, and my challenge as the facilitator will be to let their opinions be voiced, but to not let them dominate or take over the meeting.

    My guess is that many of you have been in similar situations.

    The key to having a productive meeting is to create a good agenda and stick to it.  Here is how I design the agenda and plan for a productive meeting:

    • I have a set of clear goals for what the meeting is intended to accomplish;
    • I create a simple agenda and follow it as much as possible; I won’t be rigid, and I allow people to contribute their ideas, but I do keep people focused on the main goals of the meeting
    • I usually allow one and a half hours for the meeting, but in this case I will have twp hours so that people will have a little time to socialize at the beginning,
    • As the facilitator, it will be my job to keep everyone focused on the agenda and assures that no single voice dominates

    One of my favorite tools that I’ll be using will be to “laundry-list” ideas as they are suggested, and when everyone seems to be satisfied that all of the ideas have been heard, I’ll invite people to come up and choose three (or five, depending on how long the list is) as their top priorities.

    Every time I use this tool – listing ideas and having people prioritize – a clear consensus always emerges.  And, this provides a good tangible result from a meeting that can be passed along or used for making decisions.

    My overall goal is to have everyone leave a meeting smiling and feeling confident and comfortable that they were able to share their ideas, hear what others had to say and feel that their time was honored and well spent.