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    5-3-18 Wine and music go together on South Whidbey

    In the time Rich and I have lived on Whidbey, we have seen a significant increase in wineries and distilleries, but what has been noticeable in the last few years is the amount of pairings of wine and music.

    Nearly every weekend, and some weekdays, the wineries on South Whidbey are offering venues for our local (and sometimes off-island) musicians.  And, I’m sure that these pairings of wine and music are not only building business for the wineries, but for the rest of the community as well.  If you are coming to the south end from other parts of Whidbey or the mainland, you are most likely purchasing some food and maybe visiting some of the retail stores in the vicinity.

    If you haven’t experienced a wine and music pairing (or if you want to treat visitors to something special on Whidbey), check out the regular concerts being offered at:

    • Ott & Murphy – our own cabaret
    • Bloom’s (which is in the process of building a new, large tasting room and music venue in Freeland)
    • Comfort’s – which has a large space and great acoustics
    • Dancing Fish – which also has a large space and great sound

    Apologies if I left out anyone.  You can see the growing pattern of matching wine and spirits to music and entertainment….what a great idea!!


    4-26-18 Wow, it seems people really are craving good news

    Last week, I posted an item from the “Good News Network” on the MoveonWhidbey Facebook page.  Usually, the items there have 30, 40 or 50 people who “Like” the item.

    The Good News article, “Scientists Accidentally Create Super Enzyme That Can Devour Plastic Pollution,” had 191 “likes” last time I checked.  A record!!

    I think with the Trump administration, we are all overwhelmed with negative news, and there is a real hunger out there to read positive stories.

    Guess I’d better keep checking the “Good News Network” for more stories to share. If you didn’t see the article mentioned here and want to it, here’s the ink:


    4-19-18 Sharing good news….about lots of things

    OK, this is not directly related to marketing and business.  I do believe that hearing some good stories helps me feel better about everything…including going out shopping and smiling when I meet people.

    With all the negative news out there, I find myself really relishing getting a daily dose of the “Good News Network.”  They also send out a weekly summary.

    If you are feeling a bit down about what you keep reading in the news, give this a try:

    If you go to the MoveOnWhidbey Facebook page, you’ll see one of their latest stories.



    4-12-18 What it takes to become a successful business on Whidbey

    Actually, I think it takes the same elements in most places to have a successful business: Passion, courage and filling a niche.

    After writing many stories for the past several years as the Business Spotlight on Whidbey Local, I have seen common patterns.  I’ve noticed, it’s not just a matter of having a business, these people feel strongly about what they are doing.  Most really want to make a difference and believe strongly in the value of what they are selling.

    It also takes a lot of courage because there is a major investment of time, energy and money.  I have enormous respect for people who own a business.

    It also is important that the business person has created something that has been missing from the community by filling a niche. Whether it is a type of business has not been available before, or having something different about what is being sold, I always ask a business person, “What is special or unique about what you are selling?”


    4-9-18 A Great Local Business Story: Comfort's of Whidbey

    Every week I do a story about a local business here on Whidbey.  It is a source of great pleasure for me to tell so many stories about the energy and creativity involved in developing a business.  I also believe it takes a lot of courage.

    I wanted to point to the latest story on the Business Spotlight of Whidbey Local: Comfort's of Whidbey:It's not just a place to buy wine.

    Like so many of the stories I have told, this one describes a vision held by the business owners, Rita and Carl Comfort, and all of that they have put into this business to make it a success and a great community asset.

    I hope you will read the story and share it with friends on the island, as well as people you know who are planning a visit to Whidbey.

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