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    10-26-17 Can a cat take over your business?

    Although I am officially retired I, like many other seniors, do not want to stop working and doing something that I feel has value in our community.

    In my case, when I moved on from my marketing research and public involvement consulting business that had been my work identity for more than 40 years, I morphed into becoming a business writer.

    I enjoy doing interviews and composing stories. When the time comes to write the stories, I am at my computer.

    We have a rescue cat who came with the name of Dash. Once he was convinced we were not going to return him to the Cat Cottage, he became our buddy, rarely more than six feet away from one of us.

    As those who have cats know, you really don’t own a cat because he (or she) believes you are there to serve them.

    Recently, I was at my computer finishing another “Business Spotlight” story when Dash showed up and sat down on my computer, right in front of me. I am pretty sure he was simply saying, “Notice me.” Several times I said, “Dash get off of there”….and he refused to budge. I finally had to push him off.

    He wasn’t happy that I didn’t understand his cat speak.




    10-19-17 Social media can boost the power of your marketing efforts

    For five years I have been writing weekly business stories for Whidbey Local. I am officially the “Business Spotlight” (

    A couple of weeks after each story appears I get the tabulations for how many people have looked at the article. It has amazed me that the numbers vary from as little as 14 to over 800.

    I’d like to think I had a few hundred regular readers for my stories, but the reality is that the stories get read when they are promoted on peoples’ Facebook pages and/or other social media sites. The numbers grow as more people share the stories with their friends and contacts, who then share them with others.

    When you have a good marketing story to tell, or when someone writes a good marketing story about your business, be sure to share the article in every way that you can.



    10-12-17 It takes passion and a vision to create a business

    Some people might say money is the primary requirement to start a business. You definitely have to be able to afford all of the costs associated with creating and promoting a new business, but I believe the most important element is a passion about what you are doing.

    Recently, I described several new Whidbey businesses in the Business Spotlight stories on Whidbey Local.

    Over the years I have done many stories for the Business Spotlight on, and there is a common theme: People who have their own businesses are passionate about what they do and have a vision of what they want to create.

    This is especially important if you are starting an entirely new business, filling a niche that has not been filled before.

    Besides the money necessary to establish a business, there is an incredible investment of energy and time. I have observed that while the desire to make money is a major player in creating a business, there is often far more interest in the products or services and a desire to share these with others.

    When I walk into a retail store, or talk about products or services with someone, I immediately feel their sense of commitment to what they are offering. And when the owner of the business communicates their passion and enthusiasm, it certainly is a great incentive to do business with them.



    10-5-17 Collaboration can be a great marketing tool for artists

    If you follow my Blogs, you know that one of my major themes is the value of collaboration. In my experience, most businesses, especially retail ones, usually increase their sales when they collaborate with other related businesses.

    Recently, I have done stories in the Business Spotlight on Whidbey Local for four Whidbey art galleries:

    • The Galleries at Greenbank establish a new tradition: Second Saturday of the Month, October 9, 2017 (watch for it on Monday)
    •  A Journey from Rotterdam to Langley: Rob Schouten opens his new gallery, October 2, 2017
    • Whidbey Art Gallery marks its 25th year, May 22, 2017

    Each of these galleries includes several artists who work with a broad range of art mediums.  Because there is such a rich variety that changes frequently, many people come to the galleries on a regular basis to see what’s new.

    Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley and Artworks Gallery at Greenbank Farm are both co-op galleries where the artists contribute to the operation, as well as showing their art.

    What a great way for an artist to have lots of exposure and a large market from which to draw customers.


    9-28-17 The courage to create a business

    I have enormous respect for anyone who has the courage to start a business, especially a retail business that requires so many skills and so much energy. I am impressed with anyone who has the commitment and energy to open a store front business, deal with all of the aspects of obtaining and displaying merchandise and be there to greet customers (with many small retail businesses, the owner often handles everything until the business generates enough income to support hiring help).

    Retail communities on Whidbey have many small business owners. There are also retail businesses along the highway up and down the island.

    I have made a personal commitment to shop at the independent businesses on the island whenever I can. I sometimes hear people talk about prices being lower across the water (of course, there is a ferry cost to add into this). I am willing to pay higher prices, if necessary (and this isn’t always the case), to support our local businesses.

    I hope you too will make a commitment to support our local businesses as much as possible. These small, retail stores add to the special environment of Whidbey, as much as the beautiful scenery and the sweet community.


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