11-1-18 Promoting a Business Story 
Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 2:26PM
Carolyn Tamler

Every week I submit a business story to Whidbey Local as part of the “Business Spotlight” - https://www.whidbeylocal.com/articles/1/5243

The businesses cover just about every kind of story, from sole proprietorships, to larger companies with several employees.  Some of the businesses offer services, some make products to sell, some do both. The one qualifier for being a business featured in the Business Spotlight is that the business must be on Whidbey Island. The story also includes information about the business owner as well as his or her business.

What I have observed in the more than five years that I have been doing these stories is the wide range of people who see the articles. Sometimes, only 30 have seen a story but there are some that have been seen by more than 800.

The difference I have concluded is how much the business owners know how to use social media and how much they have a large network of current and potential customers that they can email to inform them about the business.


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