3-21-13 What is special or unique about a manicure business?
Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 1:07AM
Carolyn Tamler

If you are familiar with some of my marketing themes you’ve probably heard me ask, “What’s special or unique about your business?”  I consider this the primary question that drives how you market what you do.

In The Business Buzz for April 1, you will read about Island Girl Nails.  This is a locally-owned nail salon that has been a successful business for eight years.  For most of us who have walked into a nail salon, the experience is pretty basic: a table, the manicurist and often a simple, small shop.

Vicki Thompson, the owner of Island Girl Nails has been building her business by creating an environment and offering services that make her business special and unique.

Vicki’s salon is almost like an art gallery.  The colors are vibrant; large round mirrors decorate the walls; there are oversized, relaxing chairs for the pedicures.  Most impressive, though, has been Vicki’s focus on her clients.  She learns about each new client’s health issues (if there are any), what they want with their service and what will make them feel most comfortable.

All of her employees share Vicki’s ethic about making a visit to a nail salon comfortable and pleasurable.  There are other nail salons on the south end of the island, but the number of repeat customers and referrals have built her business and attest to the ways she has made a visit to her salon special and unique.

No matter how many businesses compete with you in any way, it's up to you to create a product and/or a service that is special and unique.

Check out Vicki's story at www.whidbeylocal.com/carolyn.


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