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    10-1-15 The “Here for You” program in Langley is helping the town become known as a fun place to shop

    Langley has long had a reputation as a charming tourist community, a fun place to wander, look out at the waterfront and maybe have something to eat.

    All of that is still true, but the Langley merchants are increasingly able to promote the concept of a business community that offers a variety of retail stores.

    In the spring, the Mayor’s office, the Langley Chamber of Commerce and Langley Main Street Association came together to promote “Here for You.”

    The concept for the program is simple: Each business provides the days and hours of operation, which are published on the Langley Chamber website and are available in a brochure distributed at the Chamber office.  In addition, they can obtain a “Here for You” sign to put in the window that posts the hours of operation.  There is no cost to the business for being involved in “Here for You.”

    Most importantly, by participating in this simple program, Langley businesses are demonstrating they are each members of a business community.  Shoppers enjoy coming to a business community rather than just visiting a single store for a specific purchase (hence, the success of shopping centers).

    The second edition of this brochure has just been published, and there are now 75 businesses participating.  Come to Langley, wander around and visit the stores.

    To get a copy of the brochure, click on


    9-24-15 Collaboration works well for Artworks Gallery in Greenbank and Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley

    I have written a lot about the power of collaboration.  Art provides a great source for many collaborative ventures, especially on Whidbey.  Many art galleries include the works of more than one artist.

    I’ve written before about Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley.  Over 30 artists provide artwork representing a broad range of mediums including oils, watercolors, acrylic, pastel, printmaking, photography, glass, sculpture, metal, mixed media, textures/fiber, jewelry, ceramics/stoneware, wood and sumi art and more.

    Here’s an update for Artworks Gallery.  They have just announced the featured artists and shows for the remainder of 2015.  They are listed in Business Spotlight of Whidbey Local this week:


    9-17-15 Create a vision to help you create your business

    Before Vincent and Tyla Nattress created The Orchard Kitchen near Bayview Corner, they made a “Vision Board.”  This was a real picture where they visualized and listed everything they wanted to create in their lives together, including a business that matched their values.

    I shared their story on Whidbey Local this week: The Orchard Kitchen in Bayview offers an Intimate Farm to Table Experience:

    I was struck by how much they incorporated into their vision: Where they would live, what kind of restaurant business they would create using their educations and work experience, how they would become part of a community, what kind of employers they would be and how their restaurant would be a unique dining experience.

    The Orchard Kitchen opened this last July, and Vincent and Tyla are satisfied that they have accomplished just about all they had visualized.

    Creating a vision is a great concept for establishing a business, but it’s also a great idea for looking ahead and getting clear on what you want in your future.


    9-10-15 Happiness and a smile are good for business

    Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. He is the CEO of Good Think Inc. ( , where he researches and teaches about positive psychology.

    One of the concepts he discusses is how a smile is contagious (I think I remember being told this when I was a child).  It turns out that when you smile, it actually creates changes in your brain (all positive).  When you smile at someone else, whether they smile back at your or not, their brain replicates the same responses your brain is having, using “mirror neurons”.

    If your business involves face-to-face meetings with your customers, a smile will definitely make someone more interested in doing business with you.  Smiling more will make you feel happier.  Actually, this is a great practice for everyone that you see, whether they’re customers or not.

    Just ask yourself: Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone whose presence makes you feel good?


    9-2-15 It’s great to have fun with your business, even if it’s trashy 

    The story in Whidbey Local’s Business Spotlight this week is about Island Recycling (

    They do a great job of recycling and reducing trash on Whidbey Island.  But, a visit to Island Recycling on SR 525 just north of Freeland is also an experience in humor. 

    David and Jill Campbell started the business in 1979.  It has now grown to a dozen employees, and I think it must be a requirement to be silly to work there. 

    When you drive in, you are greeted by numerous toy trucks, teapots and a selection of kids’ toys, statues, and all kinds of materials they decided to put on display rather than trash.

    Just about every employee I’ve encountered has a sunny disposition, as they stack and move stuff around. 

    When they take a break or have lunch in their little meeting spot, there’s lots of talking and laughing.

    Who knew working with other people’s waste could be so much fun?

    It struck me that having fun, wherever you work and whatever you do, must make work a lot easier and more satisfying.