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    12-13-18 The Village of Langley is a special treat during the holidays

    The City of Langley seems to get more colorful and vibrant with each holiday season.  This year there are new businesses, and many of the businesses have created lovely holiday decorations. The annual Lighting of Langley happened on Saturday, November 25th.

    For the last few years the town of Langley has promoted a “Deck the Doors” contest where local artists work with the merchants to create special Christmas displays at the entrance to their stores. This year, an impartial panel of judges chose three winners who each received a $1,000 cash prize. Winners were Fair Trade Outfitters, Ott and Murphy tasting room, and The Commons. The outdoor gallery created by this contest provides bright and colorful holiday decorations throughout the town. The real winners are the visitors to Langley.

    Nearly every store in the business district participates. The result is a cheerful, lively space where people can wander in and out of the different stores, enjoy shopping or simply appreciate the lights and colors and artistic atmosphere.

    A recent visitor during this holiday time commented that the “city feels alive and festive.”

    There are those who enjoy the experience of going to a busy, crowded mall to look for bargains for friends and family. But the village of Langley offers something that many people will discover reflects the pleasures of a simpler time, when the winter holidays were more than just a mad dash to buy presents.

    The village of Langley provides a quaint, charming experience that appeals to many who want to walk around shops in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  There are also trees around town that are decorated by local non-profits; prizes will be awarded by the Chamber of Commerce on the 15th.


    12-10-18 So much stuff going on....

    Between Hanukah dinner invitations, doing a concert with Open Circle Singers and many wonderful performers at Whidbey Institute and celebrating my Birthday today (thanks to Facebook, it's amazing how many Birthday wishes I received), I didn't get around to my weekly Blog.

    I promise I'll do something relevant this Thursday.


    11-29-18 What does it take to start a new business?

    Some people might say money is the primary requirement to start a business. You definitely have to be able to afford all of the costs associated with creating and promoting a new business, but I believe the most important element is a passion about what you are doing.

    Over the years I have done many stories for the Business Spotlight on Whidbey Local (, and there is a common theme: People who have their own businesses are passionate about what they do.

    Besides the money necessary to establish a business, there is an incredible investment of energy and time. I have observed that while the desire to make money is a major player in creating a business, there is often far more interest in the products or services and a desire to share these with others.

    When I walk into a retail store, or talk about products or services with someone, I immediately feel their sense of commitment to what they are offering. And when the owner of the business communicates their passion and enthusiasm, it certainly is a great incentive to do business with them.


    11-22-18 Thankful for everything, but especially life on Whidbey

    This is the time when we are supposed to count our blesslings and acknowledge all we are thankful for.

    Of course, I'm thankful for my hubby, and for my family and friends and for being in good health and living a comfortable life. 

    Something else I am always grateful for is living on Whidbey Island. First, there is the beauty of this place. Some days, when it's dark and rainy, I do hope the sun will peak through before the end of the day (that does happen sometimes). On the days when the sun is out and the air in clear and we have beautiful views of Mt. Rainier, the Olympics and the Cascades, and the water views, I never stop appreciating the beauty.

    In addition to the views, I believe what makes Whidbey a truly special place is the sense of community here.  After living in big cities for my whole life, I thought the move to Whidbey 13 years ago would require a lot of adjustment.  I think it took me one day.  Now, I tell people I'm a country mouse; I couldn't image living anywhere else.




    11-15-18 Our rescue cat, Dash, seems to have a following on Facebook

    I admit to being mystified by Facebook.  I do not always understand what draws attention, especially when you’re trying to figure out what you can show in social media that will result in responses.

    I often see that what my daughter made for dinner draws 20 or 30 “likes,” yet when I post incredibly cute pictures of my grandchildren or something else I find especially interesting, maybe I’ll get 10 or 15 “likes” (although some of my grandkid and daughter photos have occasionally gotten more).

    Over two years ago we got a cat from the WAIF Cat Cottage in Freeland. My children and grandchildren still get a few likes when I post the photos, but it is really the pictures of Dash our cat that garner attention. When I post pictures of Dash with the grandkids, that seems to especially attract responses.

    If you’re a young person, and into Facebook and other social media, you can probably post just about anything to receive a lot of responses.

    If you’re in my generation, I guess if you want to have more responses to your Facebook posts,