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    12-7-17 A Visit to the Village of Langley during the holidays offers a delightful place to shop and have fun

    The City of Langley seems to get more colorful and vibrant with each holiday season.  This year there are new businesses, and many of the businesses have created lovely holiday decorations. The annual Lighting of Langley happened on Saturday, November 25th.

    For the last few years the town of Langley has promoted a “Deck the Doors” contest where local artists work with the merchants to create special Christmas displays at the entrance to their stores. An impartial panel of judges choses three winners who each receive a $1,000 cash prize on December 16, 2017. The outdoor gallery created by this contest provides bright and colorful holiday decorations throughout the town. The real winners are the visitors to Langley.

    Nearly every store in the business district participates. The result is a cheerful, lively space where people can wander in and out of the different stores, enjoy shopping or simply appreciate the lights and colors and artistic atmosphere.

    A recent visitor during this holiday time commented that the “city feels alive and festive.”

    There are those who enjoy the experience of going to a busy, crowded mall to look for bargains for friends and family. But the village of Langley offers something that many people will discover reflects the pleasures of a simpler time, when the winter holidays were more than just a mad dash to buy presents.

    The village of Langley provides a quaint, charming experience that appeals to many who want to walk around shops in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.



    11-30-17 What is really important if you are a business owner?

    When many people hear about someone creating a business, they probably think that making money is the primary goal motivating a business owner.

    Obviously, if you own a business you have to make enough money to make it worthwhile to stay in business.

    But, as I have written these business stories for the last five years, I have noticed that what seems to motivate business owners even more than money, especially in a community like Whidbey, are feelings of satisfaction, passion and love for what they are doing.

    I often hear how much work is involved running a business. There is no question that having a business usually requires more work than a 9 to 5 job (do those still exist anymore???). But what I hear most from the business people who have been the subjects of my stories is how much pleasure they get from what they are doing.


    11-23-17 I am really thankful to be part of the Whidbey Island community

    I’m taking a break from my marketing blog to reflect on what the Thanksgiving holiday means to me.

    First, I am very fortunate to have a great partner in life and to have children and grandchildren who are all doing well.

    Shortly after our marriage in 2002 Rich and I came to Whidbey for a visit from our home in Bellevue. We had a lovely get together with some good friends who spent the afternoon telling us about the wonderful lifestyle on Whidbey and why we should move here. They were so persuasive, that we made the decision to do just that before we returned to Bellevue that day.

    We spent a lot of weekends looking for property on the island. We found some land in Greenbank, built a weekend get-away house there, and after a year of weekend visits, we realized we wanted to live here full time. We lived in Greenbank for five years before deciding we wanted a little bit bigger house and we wanted to live closer to the community of Langley.

    Today, we cherish every day that we are in our comfortable home on 2-1/2 acres of beautiful forest in Freeland.

    But, I also truly cherish this community. The arts flourish here. We have theaters, talented musicians (with many venues now to hear their music), talented artists displaying their work in the many art galleries, charming iconic towns and of course, the gorgeous views that greet us no matter what direction we are driving.

    Whidbey has special meaning to an extrovert like me: I notice all the smiles (often accompanied by hugs) from friends I have made working with valuable non-profits or just taking a walk, going to the movie theater or simply doing grocery shopping.

    I have written a lot about the courage it takes to create a business, but on Whidbey when you create a business there are a lot of people who give you support and encouragement.

    I am truly grateful to be part of this community.


    11-16-17 Whether it’s a local person or a tourist, making a person feel welcome as they come into your business is your most important job

    Have you ever walked into a business…

    … and waited to be noticed while the person in the store intently stared at a computer screen...

    ….or, waited while two of the employees were engaged in an intense discussion…

    ….or, the person barely noticed you and had a distant or irritated look on their face.

    Some people may be OK and forgiving if they are treated like an invisible being when they enter a business, but I am not.  I want to be noticed immediately, and I want a smile and a friendly greeting. If someone is engaged in something that is drawing their attention away from me, I want them to tell me so, apologize for not helping me immediately, and let me know when they’ll be able to respond to my needs.

    It’s my belief that having a successful business begins with making every customer you come in contact with feel that they are the focus of your attention; that you are very important to them.

    Even if you’re not feeling well or you’re in a negative mood, greeting people in a way that makes them feel good will make you feel good too. It’s a classic win-win situation.

    And, it will certainly play a major role in attracting more people to your business and having them feel like they want to do business with you (and tell their friends about your positive and responsive service, as well).


    11-9-17 Commitment, an essential quality for a successful business

    There are lots of marketing tools that can help build a business, but, in my opinion, nothing is as important as having a true commitment to the value of what you’re offering. It also helps if a business owner maintains a passion about the business to which they are committed.

    One of the best local examples of commitment is Moonraker Books in Langley. Josh Hauser, and her husband, Glenn opened Moonraker Books at 209 First Street 45 years ago.

    I asked Josh what created the commitment to this business and she quickly responded, “I love people and I love books, and when I can have them together in one spot, I’m in heaven.”

    Josh has also benefited from a turn-around in people wanting to have a real, paper book they can hold while they read. There was a fear a few years ago that technology was going to make old-fashioned books obsolete. Fortunately, for Josh and us book lovers on South Whidbey, that didn’t happen.

    For the current story about Josh and Moonraker Books, see the story on the Business Spotlight of Whidbey Local.